exercise girl stretching legI read an article in the Guardian this morning suggesting that women with big breasts may become discouraged from exercising. Obviously, as a male, I cannot relate to this but I can imagine the effects and pain that could be associated with busty females.

Here is some of what the article suggests may be the causes of big breasts putting women off exercising:

  • One in five women state that their bust stops them from taking part in exercise, according to new research.
  • Breast barrier isn’t caused by breast size alone, this barrier is something experienced by women of all bra sizes.
  • Tennis star Simona Halep really stepped her career up after reducing her bust size from 34DD to 34C.
  • The research which was published online in the Journal Of Physical Activity And Health found that 17% of the 239 women surveyed were discouraged from participating in physical activity because of their breasts.
  • The most influential factors preventing women taking exercise include not being able to find the right sports bra and being embarrassed by excessive breast movement.


How many of you women can relate to this? As a keen exercise enthusiast, I would be devastated with a natural part of my body limiting me to restrict my exercise although after a bit of research, I can see a vast amount of sports bras available offering all sorts of different technology.