glutenUp until a few years ago, not many people had heard of gluten and now up to a third of people in America are trying to avoid Gluten which is found in grain. Lately, gluten-free products have hit the market with a big bang and many restaurants and food companies are cashing in on the new demand for gluten-free foods.

New research shows that there is actually no proven benefit to removing gluten from your diet except for a small percentage of the population who cannot digest the protein. a lot of companies that are investing in gluten-free products do not argue with this statement and say that they are simply meeting a demand for gluten-free products without making health claims.

With obesity figures around the world growing very quickly, it seems that the vast majority of people are always looking for a new way to keep the pounds off and still enjoy the foods they love without too much sacrifice although it appears that at the moment, gluten-free is not the way to go if you are looking to shed a few pounds.

What are your views on a gluten-free lifestyle? It would be great to hear what some of our readers have to say on this topic. Gluten free